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Bill Medical specialises in plastic and aesthetic facial surgery, maxillofacial surgery and implantology.

One distinctive aspect of the approach to aesthetic surgery at Bill Medical is the focus on the Aesthetic Axis® of the face for the perfect alignment of the nose, jaw and chin. Read more about this here.

Bill Medical typifies the symbiotic relationship between top-level medicine and attractive high-end surroundings. In other words, you will be offered excellent treatment at the cutting edge of medical science and looked after in a restful ambience which conveys a sense of peace and security.

In addition to the best medical treatment, therefore, we also advise on nutrition and fitness, offer beauty treatment and help select the most convenient treatment centre for you.

It is very important for us to know exactly what outcomes you have in mind in order for us to have a realistic chance of meeting your expectations and satisfying your wishes as we follow through with the planned procedures. We also use computer simulations to talk through the expected outcomes.

Please contact our receptionists on +49 931 452 4211 to make an appointment.

Further information can be found in our detailed brochures, which we will be happy to send you on request.

Bill Medical

New: Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment with Botulinum Toxin!

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